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Sense Fiber optic carpet

Dozens of points of light that change color
1.210,00€ 21% VAT included

Sense Fiber optic carpet - Dozens of points of light that change color Sense Fiber optic carpet - Dozens of points of light that change color

Ense Sense Fiber optic carpet

Add dozens of points of light to the floor of your sensory room with the fiber optic carpet Eneso Sense, a visual stimulation product ready to start working from the first day


What can you do in the sensory room with the fiber optic carpet?

  • It is a novel source of visual stimulation very comfortable and pleasent, which appeals with its luminosity and colours on a dark background.
  • It is a tactil stimulation resource where you can work lying on or seated. Its soft texture is pleasant to work with and offers corporal information to improve tactil perception.
  • You can use it to create a semi-darkness environment, what is perfect in sensory stimulation work, or also for the immersion in tales, scenes or other activities.

Ready to start

This is a complete product, ready to use in passive mode . The carpet changes color autonomously, passing through a sequence of colors in a smooth and cyclic way. It is the best way to become familiar with this element, evaluate the user´s sensory profile or work in a non-directive way.

With the new Sense technology you will not have to decide between passive or interactive products. You can use the Sense carpet autonomously, or add any Sense cause you want (buttons, cube, softplay...) to make it interactive.

Thanks to this technology you can expand your room at your own pace , with a functional and versatile space from day one. In addition, you can combine it now or in the future with other Sense products to use it as a means of stimulation or relaxation more flexibly:

  • The carpet is a Sense effect , which means it can interact with one or more of our Cause Sense products to design an interactive therapy based on the known benefits of cause-effect relationships. For example (but not only!) The Sense Cube . There are many different Sense causes available, check out our Sense system section to see all of them.
  • In addition, if you install a Teatro Sensorial room you can also use it by senso-cognitive immersion. The experience offered by this technology will allow you to create a customized and dynamic space, designing personalized sensory experiences to the interests of the user as relaxing or stimulating as you need. For example, press the Sense buttons and the whole Teatro Sensorial room will become the bottom of the ocean, the flight of a bird or the warmth of a tropical beach. It´s up to you!  
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