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GoTalk 20+

Communication board with 20 messages
231,00€ 10% VAT included

GoTalk 20+ - Communication board with 20 messages

GoTalk 20

GoTalk 20+ is lightweight and rugged. It has a 20 message capacity (20 keys and five recording levels), plus five “core messages” that remain constant when you change levels. Great for essentials, like “Hello” or “I need help.”

GoTalk Software with every purchase included.


  • 20 message keys
  • 5 recording levels
  • 105 message capacity
  • 15 minutes recording time
  • 2 years warranty
  • 5 "core messages"
  • Great new sound quality
  • Built-in overlay storage
  • Faster record and erase
Ref.: 000324

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