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GoTalk 4+

Communication board with 4 messages
165,00€ 10% VAT included

GoTalk 4+ - Communication board with 4 messages

GoTalk 4

GoTalk 4+ is alightweight and rugged. It has a 20 message capacity (4 keys and five recording levels), plus two ´core messages´ that remain constant when you change levels. Great for essentials, like Hello or All done.

A great place to start AAC. GoTalk software included.


  • 4 message keys
  • 5 recording levels
  • 22 message capacity
  • 4.5 minutes recording time
  • 2 years warranty
  • 2 "core messages"
  • Great new sound quality
  • Built-in overlay storage
  • Faster record and erase
Ref.: 000322

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