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USB interface for eight switches

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Adaptador USB programable para 8 pulsadores estándar.

Esta es la versión cableada de la familia Encore. Si buscas una alternativa inalámbrica compatible con ordenador, tablet y smartphone consulta Encore Plus. Si te sirve la versión cableada pero necesitas menos pulsadores, consulta enCore Mini.

What is enCore?

One of the most common ways for a person with reduced mobility to use a computer or tablet is with switches. There is a great range of modelos  que se adaptan al movimiento voluntario de la persona, pero es necesaria una adaptación que recoja ese movimiento y lo transforme en comandos para el dispositivo al que está conectado: clicks de ratón, pulsaciones de tecla, etc.

enCore is an adapter that allows you to connect one or more switches to a computer or tablet via USB. It is a system that allows adapting a Windows, Mac, Linux or Android computer device in a very flexible way. Each of its eight inputs for switch can be configured to perform an action of:

  • Mouse: move the pointer, left-, right- or double-click, drag an drop...
  • Keyboard. simulate a key press or a combination of key presses.
  • Joystick: simulate the movement of a joystick or a button press.

enCore can become whatever you need it to be: a switch-operated mouse, a keyboard, an adapted joystick... or a combination of all that.

Who is it for?

For anyone who wants to use a computer or tablet, but cannot do it with standard peripherals.

enCore combines many switch-adapted devices in one product. You can create an adaptation that is as simple or as complex as needed, it is just a matter of deciding the number of switches you want to use, and what function will be assigned to each.

How does it work?

Just connect as many switches as you need (up to 8) to the sockets, and enCore to a USB port.

By default, enCore is configured to function as a mouse: four of its inputs move the cursor left, right up and down, and the other four generate left, right, double click and drag / drop. These settings can be changed to adapt enCore to the needs of the user.

What can I do with enCore?

With enCore you can use any computer program that can be accessed by mouse, keyboard or joystick . That's all of them!

Besides, the operating system that you are using is not an issue because enCore works on MS Windows, GNU/Linux and Android.

Move around the computer desktop, use an interactive communication board such as Verbo, play... For any task you may want to perform, there is a configuration for enCore that will allow you to do it comfortably.

enCore is also an excellent add-on for other computer access systems, such as enPathia.

What type of switches may I use?

It can be used with any switch that features a 1/8" plug. This is a standard connector, used by most commercial switches.

Ref.: 000002

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