Access methods

Verbo is one of the most accessible augmentative and alternative communication systems on the market. It is compatible with practically all the devices and methods of access, and it can be configured according to the individual needs, reason why anyone can use it regardless of their degree of mobility and cognitive level.


Scanning systems allow you to select and activate a cell through one or two switches. When scanning is selected as the preferred access type, a frame of configurable thickness and color moves through all the cells of the page, either manually or automatically, so that the user can select the one that she wants. To connect the switches, you can use an adapter like enCore.

Eye tracking

Eye-tracking systems are an indispensable tool for those who do not have voluntary and precise movements in other parts of their body. Its combination with Verbo offers a permanent means of communication that compensates for the difficulties of expression, facilitating interpersonal relationships and decision making, which translates into a drastic increase in self-esteem, autonomy and quality of life.


enPathia is a product that facilitates access to the computer for people with reduced or no mobility in the upper extremities. It consists of a small sensor that is fixed with a band to the head or to some part of the body in which is some voluntary movement is preserved. The user only has to make smooth and natural movements of the head to select the cells.

Touch screen

Access to Verbo via touch screen is a simple and intuitive option for children and adults with sufficient motor capacity. The touch screen allows Verbo to be used on Windows or Android devices through direct access or even with scanning systems when the level of accuracy is lower.


It is possible to use Verbo simply with the keyboard keys. You can navigate the board and activate the cell you want through the keys that are more comfortable, or use any key to activate a scan.


You can access Verbo with regular mice, adapted mice or trackballks either with or without switch connectors. This way, it is the communication software that adapts to your most functional movement, and evolves with you over time.


A joystick is the usual control device for many wheelchair users, so its use with Verbo can make access to the program much easier. Use a joystick to move freely between cells or to activate a sweep.


A switch allows you to use the scanning system independently, using the movement that is more functional and that requires less effort. There is a great variety of switches, and its choice depends on the type of activation that is required, as well as the part of the body with which it will be actuated.

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