Sudoku is a logic pastime, whose objective is to fill in the boxes with the help of the images, numbers or letters that are already placed, without repeating any of them in the same row or column. We have adapted sudoku to make it accessible from Verbo and include this activity among the many that make up the Verbo Community library, since it is a great resource for working on logic, reasoning, attention, memory and concentration. Working Sudoku puzzles with children, from an early age, and with older people in intervention and cognitive stimulation, has numerous benefits for all of them, since it involves thinking through sequences, developing spatial understanding, pattern recognition and decision making when choosing the element that we must place in each box.
Objectives: • Develop logical reasoning, spatial understanding, and pattern recognition. • Promote agreement, attention and memory. • Work executive functions and sensory stimulation.

Category: Cognitive functions
Shared by: Eneso
Language: Español
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