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Identification of animal sounds

Identification of environmental sounds is the precursor to letter sounds. Discover the sound of each animal and recognize it in a basic level.

Shared by: Sonja Higham

The Orange Elephant

Once upon a time there was an orange elephant... Discover the funny story about the Orange Elephant and add new characters to this interactive tale! It includes some activities at the end.

Shared by: Sonja Higham

Basic concepts

A board with variety of basic conceps (English speakers). It is organised according to five categories: animals, body parts, objects, boy/girl and fruit. It includes two levels of dificulty (two or three answer options). It is easily expandable with more vocabulary and pages.

Shared by: Sonja Higham

Basic communication

A new basic communication board using images and text (English speakers). It is designed with two "Home pages" to allow introducing new vocabulary gradually.

Shared by: Sonja Higham

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