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Head-controlled mouse
249,70€ 10% VAT included

enPathia - Head-controlled mouse enPathia - Head-controlled mouse enPathia - Head-controlled mouse enPathia - Head-controlled mouse

What is enPathia?

enPathia is a product that makes computer access simpler for people with reduced or null mobility in their upper extremities.

It is an adaptation, a peripheral that lets the user work with a computer just as easily as with conventional mice and keyboards, but without a need to use their hands. In some senses enPathia is an adapted mouse, but it is not only that. It is also an adapted keyboard, an interface to use up to two commercial switches with the computer, an application to simulate virtual mouse clicks...

It is also a head mouse, but enPathia will not force you into using any particular part of the body. Many people use it confortably with their forearms or feet. EnPathia adapts itself to the way you work, not the other way round.

Who is it for?

For anyone who does not preserve enough mobility in the upper extremities to use a conventional mouse and keyboard.

enPathia was developed together with volunteers with a number of patologies: tetraplegia, spina bifida, brain paralysis, multiple sclerosis... One of the reasons why it is such a verstile and simple to learn system.

How does it work?

enPathia consists of a small sensor that can be attached with a band to some part of the body. The user just needs to perform gentle and natural movements in order to control the computer.

The sensor can be placed at any part of the body and at any position. The system adapts itself automatically to the type of movement that is easier for you to make.

What can I do with enPathia?

Everything you can do with conventional mice and keyboards: navigate files and folders, browse the web, play, write text...

Turn the sensor in any direction (for example, slightly lean the head) and the cursor will move in that direction. In order to left- or right-click, double click, drag, or show a virtual keyboard just stop for a moment on any location on the screen. A menu will show up with all those options, and executing them is as simple as making a gentle movement. You can also use enPathia with one or two commercial switches.

Where does EnPathia work?

enPathia works on computers with Windows, Linux or MacOSX. The only requisite is that it has an USB port.

Ref.: 000001


Necessary to use enPathia. Set the speed and sensitivity, calibrate the sensor, choose the operating mode (with or without switches), and write through a virtual keyboard.
Instructions for installation and use of the enPathia computer access system.

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