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enPathia application

Necessary to use enPathia. Set the speed and sensitivity, calibrate the sensor, choose the operating mode (with or without switches), and write through a virtual keyboard.

Version 1.22
CD image  CD image - Everything in a single .iso image: enpathia-1.22.iso (15.1 MB)
Windows  Windows - .exe installer: enpathia-1.22.0-setup.exe (6.76 MB)
Source code  Source code - .tar.gz archive: enpathia-1.22.0.tar.gz (1.71 MB)
What's new in this version?
  • Improved look and feel in Windows 8 and higher.

Version 1.20
What's new in this version?
  • French interface, keyboard layout and dictionary.
Version 1.18
What's new in this version?
  • Option to click automatically.
Version 1.14
What's new in this version?
  • Officially available for MacOSX.
Version 1.12
What's new in this version?
  • Automatic calibration can be disabled.
Version 1.10
What's new in this version?
  • New words can be added to the dictionary.
Version 1.8
What's new in this version?
  • Hebrew and Greek interface and keyboard layout.
  • Images can be optionally used in the menu instead of text.
  • The keyboard dictionary can be hidden.
  • A keyboard layout bar can be optionally shown.
  • The keyboard layout can be changed while the application is running.

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