The software Verbo allows people with speech difficulties to communicate. Create communication boards combining text, images, sound and much more. Use them with any technology you need, such as switches or eye tracking systems.

For users

For users

Express yourself, decide and participate in a unique, surprising and customized way through the augmentative or alternative communication (AAC) system that best suits your needs. The universal design of the program allows it to suit any user regardless of their physical, cognitive or communicative limitations to improve their quality of life in any context.

For professionals

For professionals

Discover one of the easiest applications to create dynamic communication boards and personalized activities aimed at language improvement or cognitive rehabilitation. A multidisciplinary tool that supports the evaluation and intervention of people with limited oral language and enhances the motivation of users to achieve objectives significantly.

Verbo Community

Free resources

Join the Eneso Verbo Community to share and download free resources for all ages, populations and needs. In this collaborative platform of Verbo users you will find a wide variety of communication boards and educational or therapeutic activities created by other professionals.


For everyone

Verbo is accessible, and anyone can use it regardless of their degree of mobility, communication needs or cognitive level. Use it with a mouse, touch screen, keyboard, switches, joystick, enPathia and even eye tracking systems. Discover how to use it according to the user's profile.


Take Verbo with you

Create new boards on the computer and use them anywhere with your smartphone or tablet using Verbo Android. You can actively work at home with therapeutic or educational activities and communicate wherever you go. The boards you use in Android have the same look and feel and functionality as in the Windows version.


Easy to use

Verbo is one of the most accessible, configurable, interactive and customizable systems on the market. It is not just words: it is ideas, thoughts, desires and needs that represent the person and his environment. With Verbo you can combine photographs, text, pictograms, images, music, voice recordings, colors... Learn more in our free tutorials.

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