The word panel

The Word Panel is an adaptation of the game "The Alphabet Game". With this board, directly related to linguistic competence, we can work on vocabulary, word families, semantic fields, grammatical categories, spelling rules, definitions and/or any type of vocabulary or area. The game, as it is to download it, has a series of questions, by letter of the alphabet, in which we will have to say what word it is. But we can adapt it to work on the different areas and competencies that we deem appropriate, just by modifying the questions. Not only is it a versatile resource to work on educational skills, but it is also perfectly adaptable to be used in intervention with adults, in cognitive stimulation and in the work and development of executive functions.
Objectives: • Work and develop cognitive stimulation and executive functions. • Develop effective question and answer strategies. • Give correct answers to the questions asked in the game. • Work on linguistic and educational skills from different areas of knowledge.

Category: Language and comprehension
Shared by: Eneso
Language: Español
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