I spy with my little eye

We all know this famous Veo Veo game that we have resorted to on many occasions to make a trip more enjoyable or to entertain ourselves in specific situations. With this new Verb resource, we will be able to play this fun and versatile game, as well as use it as an activity to support certain learning processes. These types of games or activities stimulate the creativity of children, since they have to search for and find objects, which favors the development of creative thinking, attention, concertation and visual acuity and discrimination. In addition to everything mentioned, it is a perfect resource to be able to work on phonological awareness, specifically, phonemic awareness. By having to discriminate and locate objects through the vowel sound with which they begin, the game of Veo Veo translates into very useful material for the acquisition of this skill that is so important for learning to read and write. You can use this resource as a game, as an activity and/or as an evaluable resource, since it has the possibility of saving the answers in PDF format.
Objectives: • Improve attention and concentration. • Work on sharpness and visual discrimination. • Stimulate vocabulary and oral expression. • Promote creativity. • Increase concentration and attention.

Category: Cognitive functions
Shared by: Eneso
Language: Español
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