I poop

Routines are all those activities or actions that we carry out in our daily lives in a regular and systematic manner, that is, they are habits or customs that we acquire after repeating them many times and that, subsequently, we carry out automatically and without involve an excessive effort of reasoning. For many people, children and adults, these daily activities represent an added problem to their daily lives, so it is necessary to work on them from anticipation and daily practice, marking and reinforcing each of the steps or sequences of activities. those that are composed. Understanding and automating these tasks translates into understanding and structuring their days and the world that surrounds them and in which they must interact and participate. For this understanding and subsequent automation, an important process of learning and support is necessary, which is why we have created, thanks to Eneso Verbo, a series of boards based on daily routines, with the aim of supporting this process of anticipation, learning and automation of different daily routines. With this resource we will work on the different sequences necessary to learn the routine of pooping.
Objectives: - Anticipate activities and tasks of daily life. - Learn and automate day-to-day routines and activities. - Reduce anxiety and disruptive behaviors derived from uncertainty and ignorance of the environment. - Promote personal autonomy.

Category: Cognitive functions
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