Memory Day - Anna Frank

Activity to learn the story of Anna Frank with questions and answers (in Italian).
Objectives: Learn aboyt Anna Frank' story.

: Massimo Benelli

The glutton mouse

A tale about a little mouse in trouble. Read or listen the tale and do the activities related.
Objectives: Work on listening and reading comprehension, imrpove memory and attention skills.

: Eneso

The Orange Elephant

Once upon a time there was an orange elephant... Discover the funny story about the Orange Elephant and add new characters to this interactive tale! It includes some activities at the end.
Objectives: To test attention and memory skills, improve comprehension skills and cognitive reasoning, increase the vocabulary and develop imagination.

: Sonja Higham

Wash your hands

Discover the story of Pedro and learn about the hand-washing routine! Interactive story aimed to people with autism or children with executive functioning difficulties.
Objectives: To improve planning skills and following directions, understand task sequencing, assimilate hand-washing routine, promote the development of empathy and social competencies through the story characters, etc.

: Eneso

The tired owl

The owl loves working at night singing every hour, but when the day comes he is very tired! Discover the animals that hide in the forest, and show what you have learnt with the activities included at the end.
Objectives: Improve images understandig, widen the vocabulary, increase attention and memory process, strengthen social skills in specific context, etc.

: Eneso

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