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Chicken Pepe - A story for Hugo

(In Spanish) Board to tell and to talk about the story of "Chicken Pepe", for an emerging communicator level.

Shared by: Ana Quevedo

Rutina lavarse las manos

(In Portuguese) ¡Conoce la historia de Pedro y aprende la rutina del lavado de manos! Cuento interactivo para niños y niñas con dificultad en las funciones ejecutivas.

Shared by: Adapt4you

El piano mágico

(In Spanish) Pequeña historia de un perrito y un piano. Lee o escucha el cuento y realiza las actividades relacionadas.

Shared by: Moisés Roca

El chico de la bufanda azul

(In Spanish) Pequeña historia de un grupo de chicos. Lee o escucha el cuento y responde a las preguntas.

Shared by: Moisés Roca

Cuento del búho cansado

(In Italian) Al búho le encanta trabajar de noche cantando las horas del reloj, ¡pero por el día está muy cansado! Descubre con el búho qué animales se esconden en el bosque, y demuestra lo que has aprendido con las actividades incluidas al final.

Shared by: Ausilionline

Memory Day - Anna Frank

(In Italian) Activity to learn the story of Anna Frank with questions and answers.

Shared by: Massimo Benelli

The glutton mouse

(In Spanish) A tale about a little mouse in trouble. Read or listen the tale and do the activities related.

Shared by: Eneso

The Orange Elephant

Once upon a time there was an orange elephant... Discover the funny story about the Orange Elephant and add new characters to this interactive tale! It includes some activities at the end.

Shared by: Sonja Higham

Wash your hands

(In Spanish) Discover the story of Pedro and learn about the hand-washing routine! Interactive story aimed to people with autism or children with executive functioning difficulties.

Shared by: Eneso

The tired owl

(In Spanish) The owl loves working at night singing every hour, but when the day comes he is very tired! Discover the animals that hide in the forest, and show what you have learnt with the activities included at the end.

Shared by: Eneso

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